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i-SOBOT can die!

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If i-SOBOT suffers a fall-over, he can die. The reason is that when this happens, 1 battery, usually the top one, can jump out of position - no POWER!

The simple solution. Stick a piece of sponge, about 1/4" (6.3mm) thick, inside the Battery Cover. End of problem!



Changing Robosapien V2's Eye Color

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I'm going to be changing my V2's eye colors to either red/orange and was wondering what needs to be removed in what order to gain access to the blue LED eyes in the head.  Also I was curious if this was an easy hack or if the LEDs were failry difficult to remove (by being possibly glued in).  I searched for V2 disection photos on the net but couldn't find any.  Thanks! Smile

My Rovio light modification with relay

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Hi all,

Here is another light mod/hack using a relay off of the current LED control.  Works great.  The lights are from 2 Husky mini LED flashlights.  Each flash light had 12 LED's and were powered by 3 aaa batteries.  It's not pretty but it works great which is what I needed for complete darkness use.  I call him Speedy because he looks like that old cartoon of the speed buggy. lol 




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YES, THAT'S RIGHT! Here is your chance to win an awsome RS Media fully personalized with custom graphics, mods & hacks. Simply post on this thread any RS Media hack, personality, game, bodycon, dancedemo, software, code or any mod that can be recreated to qualify. The more hacks you post the more chance you have to win!

The purpose for this contest is to fully customize one RS Media with as many hacks possible, including yours! Giving all the opportunity to learn and apply your knowledge.

Currently the "State of the Robot" is;