Robot Hacks and Mods

Michael kors or in order to car auto improvements or prime city innovations

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How to control your Wowwee Robot with Windows Messenger

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An expeiment I tried a while back using just Windows messenger technology, a roboremote, and a webcam. I was amazed. It worked.

Using Windows messenger you can control your robots remotely. This technology is in it's experimental stages so it's not perfect. The benefits? control your robots remotely using just Windows technology, and no IP Addresses required.


 What you'll need?

1. Two Windows XP Computers, and broadband internet access.

2. A Wowwee Roboremote and the Roboremote software installed.

Rovio LED + Antenna Mod (simple)

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Hello guys, This is the first time i have posted in a forum so i hope im doing it correctly.

I created a user on here to share my experience customising my rovio, How this came about was funny.

I bum my WIFI internet from a neighbour, so when i unpacked my rovio tried to set it up the WIFI was not in range!!.

Sphero Drives a Car

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In the video below, Sphero commands the toy car where to drive. It does this through a trackball similar to the one used in a computer mouse or in the arcade game of golf . Sphero sits on the trackball's wheels and his weight and momentum cause them to move. The wheels have encoders that then tell the car what direction Sphero is moving by sending out x and y coordinates of the movement to the motors. Roll Sphero forward and the car drives forward. Roll Sphero to the right and the car turns to the right.