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Verbot Soldering

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Hello my is Dave: As I'm sure that a lot of you already know, Verbot appears to have two pairs of wires that are soldered to two individual battery contacts which are located on its base. (eg. Orange + and Black -) and (Red + and Black-). Recently, the orange positive wire came off of the circut board, whereas I am not able to back track as to where it would need to be soldered back onto the board. Would anyone be able to send me a detailed picture or diagram, indicating where I should solder the orange positive wire onto the circut board? Thank You.

Servo question

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The wowwee alive cub has one servo motor that controls both the eyes and the mouth, separate gears for each. The servo has the normal three wire red/black/white as would be expected, but it also has a red and black that go to a tiny board that is part of the servo. How are these two wires used? I'm trying to do a hack and if it just had the normal three servo wires it would be easy, but this double use servo with the two extra wires has me a bit confused... I'm new to servos and was hoping this would be easy for one of you experienced guys to answer.

How i can open rovio's neck (all parts)?

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Hi at all, i need to open rovio's neck parts, so i can put a wire from rovio's body to rovio's neck (near webcam). I opened rovio's parts but i haven't been able to open rovio's neck lower part. Do you have some images with this section opened or how can i insert a wire without to open this section (rovio's neck lower part)? Thanks a lot! Andrea.

Request for someone as good as elvinator

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Let me start out by saying, I am an excellent c# programmer, applicable here perhaps for a steller chat program creator; however, not excellent at program to IC board. That said, I do have an electronics tech background (years past). I'm just mentioning that only for "trade".

This post, I'm sure (because I have been a reader prior to posting this) is out of the norm.

Robosapien V1 and serial port with linux

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My name is olivier, french, 31 years old, and electronic/robotic noobie.

I ve recently bought a RS v1, i ve  read a lot of way to hack the robosapien with an arduino board.

My goal : Hack the robosapien with only one dockstar (1,2 ghz arm processor, 128 ram, 4 usb ports and serial port). The dockstar will serve as

-wifi client (ever working),

-webcam server (ever working with mjpeg streamer, need to test motion too)