Robot Hacks and Mods

RS Media Mod

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Hi Guys.

Just an update to whay I have been doing lately.  I have added a modifacation to my 2 RS Medias. My first rsm had the usb serial hack done and updated to the v2 mod as we know. my new second RSM is going to be a bluetooth serial hack, so I will have 1 with the usb hack and the otherbluetooth.  But for me to do the bluetooth hack I need to upgrade the bot to V2.

Creepiest Mods

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Remember that thing in Toy Story?

You could kind of do that with a roboquad.  I gave my RSV1 away to my designer's kids because it freaked me out to have a humanoid with a remote control.  I didn't like that much.  What would be the creepiest mod (physical, software, any kind really) you could pull on any popular robot toy?