Robot Hacks and Mods


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I have recived a tomy verbot to my omnibot collection, he's got a few problems. One, the antenna is missing along with the remote controll. Someone chopped off the reciver antenna. he is really dirty, but I cleaned him off some. His batteries are corroded, but I cleaned them some too. If you own a verbot, you may know that they move pretty slow, but I should replace some motors in it with either servos or new motors. And, its CHOCKED FULL of gears.

iPod/iPad Control of Wowwee Bots

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Before I commit to a tedious development schedule, has anyone already done the work to make a remote app for the iPod touch or iPad?  My girlfriend has an autistic nephew whose motor-control makes the remotes for most of the Wowwee bots too precise for him to use but who has no problem with the iPad, so I figured with a quickie IRLed in the earphone jack and a simple "play this file when this pad is touched" program on the iOS SDK I could let him work the Robopet, but if someone has already done it and is willing to open it up I'd really love to hear about it.

Using rovio to remote control the other bots

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Hallo Everyone,

i got my rovio today, just about 10 minutes ago delivered by amazon. I am really excited. Here is my plan. I would like to use the rovio
as a master of swarm intelligence bot to control the other robots(for example i-sobot).

Did some of you plan to do the same thing? oder did you succeed to manage it? Can i use the infrared sensors in rovio to send command to the other bots, or do i need to hack rovio to make a infrared transmitter?

i would be very happy to get same support form you before my start.


Robosapien and Robopet customizations

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Okay, so I realize that, Yes, this is a total rip-off of what ElectronicsGenius has been doing for quite a while now, but that doesn't bother me because it obviously works and looks good.  (BTW, ElectronicsGenius, I'm also doing my Roboquad up but it's not going to be anything like the one you have on eBay and don't worry-I'm never going to try to sell any of mine.  Thanks for the idea though.)"Steampunk" Robopet and Robosapien

High-res version of above:

Video Feed from RS Media to WEB Done

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A few months ago after posting this I modified the page to view 5 seconds of video at a time using the web server. I think if a webstreaming program running on rsm web server could be compiled and used to make a file recieve the stream from there to a browser.