Robot Hacks and Mods

roboquad's mod so far as of 1/22/11

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OK, you know that mod i was talking about in "roboquad light of life"? i have it where the front red LED was on my roboquad. i also put the light sensor where the back red LED was.Wink if you notice in the video, he doesn't have all of his covering.Surprised OOPS!!! it seems i need help with loading on the video!

roboquad light of life

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to whom want to know if your roboquad has a hardware failure,

if you open up roboquad, you'll see j18 for an extra jack. it serves a purpose, roboquad's hardware status light, or motor, doesnt matter. i wont show you the polarity, because i didnt take any photos. sorry about not showing pictures, but here's how it works:

normal operation: light on

General hardware failure: light off, roboquad shuts down*

unknown hardware failure: light on, roboquad acting erratically/shut down

Rovio and Kinect Motion Control.

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Last night I spent some time plaing with Rovio in a new cool way. I used Kinect connected to my pc to control the movements by using a new software release found at

It works by your body movement forward, left, right and back. It also allows your hand to be used as mouse and mouse clicks. Real fun and gives you jedi force!

Using an iPod as a controller unit

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I am the first to admit that I am new to this. I have built a couple of units with the Mindstorms kit, but I want to get more into this. I'm thinking that I could use an iPod Mini as a controller unit for a more robust robot. Has anyone used one like this before?

Are there better options? Or somewhere better to ask this?

Thanks for the help.

Reflashing RSMs Main Robot Board.

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On the RS Media Main Robot Board there is an unused connection at the bottom left. In most RSMs I've seen this connection looks damaged intentionally. Could this be a serial connection?  I will start probing and hope to get lucky. Anyone done this before? I tried Nocturnals pages again. I'll just have to go in and see where it leads.

If it does turn out that the Main Robot Board can be reflashed what does that open up? Could the start up routine be changed (my personal goal). Other more significant things could be possible