Robot Hacks and Mods

Reflashing RSMs Main Robot Board.

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On the RS Media Main Robot Board there is an unused connection at the bottom left. In most RSMs I've seen this connection looks damaged intentionally. Could this be a serial connection?  I will start probing and hope to get lucky. Anyone done this before? I tried Nocturnals pages again. I'll just have to go in and see where it leads.

If it does turn out that the Main Robot Board can be reflashed what does that open up? Could the start up routine be changed (my personal goal). Other more significant things could be possible

My Roborover mods...

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Hi there.   I made some mods to my Roborover I thought some people might be interested in. 


I changed the eyes to orange and the mouth to red.  I kind of miss the original green eyes now but have gotten somewhat used to these.  I also added LEDS to the non-functional mini headlights.

Roborover LED mods

My femesapien audio mod.

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Thought this might give you a giggle.

I was initialy going to mount the speaker inside her case, but when I took it off, there was scant room to play with. Untill I can get my hands on a makerbot to give her ~literal~ plastic surgery on the boob area, I'm quite loath to break open the speaker ball, so went for the hotglue n stick method of mounting.

Wrex the dog mod

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i got a wrex today and thought it would be nice to have a mod that wakes him up after a while (closes the start button switch) then types the reset code in for you after a while too to clear malfunction mode. 

has anyone ever heard of any wrex mods like this or know a way to turn off the malfuction feature?






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