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My femesapien audio mod.

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Thought this might give you a giggle.

I was initialy going to mount the speaker inside her case, but when I took it off, there was scant room to play with. Untill I can get my hands on a makerbot to give her ~literal~ plastic surgery on the boob area, I'm quite loath to break open the speaker ball, so went for the hotglue n stick method of mounting.

Wrex the dog mod

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i got a wrex today and thought it would be nice to have a mod that wakes him up after a while (closes the start button switch) then types the reset code in for you after a while too to clear malfunction mode. 

has anyone ever heard of any wrex mods like this or know a way to turn off the malfuction feature?






'I told myself not to do that right before i did it'

RS Media with liPo batteries

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This is my first thread.

I was tired about my RS Media.

Everytime I put him on  let him walk a few minutes the batteries where low.

So I have converted my RS Media with LiPo 2200 Mah cells, And It works much better than NIMH batteries.

First I have bought two 7.4v 2200Ma LiPo cells for less than 10 Dollar a piece on Ebay.

I have fitted them in the Rs Media feets.