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RS Media with liPo batteries

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This is my first thread.

I was tired about my RS Media.

Everytime I put him on  let him walk a few minutes the batteries where low.

So I have converted my RS Media with LiPo 2200 Mah cells, And It works much better than NIMH batteries.

First I have bought two 7.4v 2200Ma LiPo cells for less than 10 Dollar a piece on Ebay.

I have fitted them in the Rs Media feets.

Best hackable robot for beginner?

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My nephew (12 yrs old) saw a fake robot at Wal-Mart and is insistent on buying it, or something like it, to h4x0rZ. Has grandiose ideas, but has absolutely no skills to make that happen, yet.

While we work on his programming skills, which would be the best entry level robot for him to play with? It should be relatively inexpensive, as he'll be buying it himself, but have some sort of basic programming functionality.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Painting A Robot

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I know there were a couple other threads talking about painting your robot. I'm doing this with my RS Media using Rust-Oleum products I got at AutoZone. Thought I'd share my experiences.

I'm starting my test with the battery plate from the remote. This way I can practice a bit. So far, it seems that using primer either makes the primer and paint crack or is too grainy. So I don't know if I'm going to want to use primer. I have health issues which prevent me from doing any large amount of sanding, so I'm trying to find ways to not have to sand.

All your Elvis are belong to us!

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Another Plurimedia Bot from the R&D division of Mental-Escher.Net- Robotic announcer based on a Wowwee Elvis Chassis (sans jacket and hair) and hacked using a Serializer parasite board and some coding to produce a talking head that can speak text (using SAPI TTS) or audio (wave or mp3) files for input.  Mouth servo moves based on viseme (for TTS) or speak frequency audio stream amplitude (for audio files) to provide realistic (sic) mouth movement-speech synchronation.


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A while back a guy named Karl did a Robosapien hack on his V1. He stuck an Arduino microcontroller on it so that he could press the stop button twice and an arduino sketch would take over the Robosapien. The approach was fairly simple. He interrupted the wire coming from the IR sensor in the Robosapien head and ran it through the Arduino. His program, when it took over, simply injected canned IR signals to make the robot do his bidding.

Rovio Via Nokia (Symbian S60)

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Hello all, I've been reading up on the forums for a little while during my wait for delivery of my Rovio which arrived today!

So far I've set it up to use on an adhoc local connection via the laptop and also directly from my phone.

I'm using a Nokia e71 to connect directly over wlan using the inbuilt browser on the phone which is all good except the layout isnt quite right, meaning I have to scroll right to get the controls and as such I lose some of the video window when doing so...