WowWee Alive

WowWee Elvis ADC

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I am new to the forum.

A friend of mine brought one of these over and asked me to help solve the reading of the ADC chip.

I have figured out the commands and how to interface with the IC.

I am also working on another idea that will allow me to make custom animations for the entire head.

I am new to the elvis head but not to Electroncis and robotics in general.

Glad there is a forum to ask questions and help others.

(I am also good at trouble shooting boards and logic)

Alive Chimp FCC docs including Remote Control Schematics!

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While doing some research for the RS Media (and not finding what I was looking for), I found some interesting WowWee docs. Here's a link to some FCC docs for the Alive Chimp!

What's worse than one dead Elvis?

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Two dead Elvis!

Seriously, I bought one of these wowee elvis as a gift last year. It sat in the box until it was given as a x-mas gift. Unpacked it, put the batteries in it, plugged it in, inserted the cartridge, turned it on, and all it does it "nod" once.

I can hear a hissing sound coming from the speaker but that's all it does.