WowWee Alive

WOW WEE ELVIS - Didn't Come with Cartridge ;-(

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I am *willing* to pay for an Elvis Alive cartridge.

A sad Christmas Day as kids opened Wow Wee Elvis (purchased from eToys two months in advance to make sure we'd have it for the morning of the 25th!) and we discovered there was no enclosed / attached cartridge. We checked ALL boxes and packing materials - as I've been told cartridge could have been attached to the outside of box. But, nothing.

Elvis Animator Program

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I am starting this thread to discuss my upcoming Elvis Animator program. This program will let you create and edit custom animations for Elvis, which you can then put on your modified cartridge to playback on the Elvis Alive! Animatronic bust.

I am starting this thread because I am about half way through the major parts of the program, and am hoping to get some early feedback and suggestions for it.

Alive! Elvis: Appearance Mods

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This thread will be about tips, tricks, and projects for modifying the appearance of your Alive! Elvis bust. Since this topic description will remain at the top, It will become an index to the topics discussed in the thread which I will try to keep updated, so check it out first.

Feel free to bring some ideas in here or post pics and videos of any mods that you do. But, please, let's keep it about his appearance only.

Inside an Alive Cub ? COMING SOON!

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Hey guys,

A while ago I posted a forum thread asking someone to volunteer to crack open an alive cub and post some pics so we could all see what's inside. Well our heroic administrator, Pete, has given me the opportunity to do just that by sending me an alive cub to open up! Look for an article with lots of pics in the next couple of days!