WowWee Alive

Inside an Alive Cub?

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I was just wondering if any of our wonderful community hackers/modders have been brave enough to open up one of the alive cubs.  I am very interested (I think alot of us are in fact) in seeing what's beneath that fur!  So come on guys, let's sacrifice a cub for the greater good! 

Elvis Cartridge has been hacked (updated: Article is on the way)

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The Wowwee Alive Elvis utilizes a cartridge which contains all of his songs and monologues. Opening the cartridge, we found that it contained a single IC. We looked up the datasheet for this IC and determined that it was a 32MB 3.3v NAND flash. Using the datasheet and a multimeter, we were able to determine the pinout of the cartridge connector.

Making a Chimp Alive Again

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I got a (sick) chimp today.

I often stop by a nearby surplus warehouse store to see what store stock has found it's way to their deeply discounted aisles.

A Chimp that had obviously been deboxed, and resealed in just inner box, was on the shelf. It had the remote and the AC adapter. I passed it by one day a week ago. Today I picked it up.