WowWee Alive

Inside an Alive Cub?

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I was just wondering if any of our wonderful community hackers/modders have been brave enough to open up one of the alive cubs.  I am very interested (I think alot of us are in fact) in seeing what's beneath that fur!  So come on guys, let's sacrifice a cub for the greater good! 

Elvis Cartridge has been hacked (updated: Article is on the way)

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The Wowwee Alive Elvis utilizes a cartridge which contains all of his songs and monologues. Opening the cartridge, we found that it contained a single IC. We looked up the datasheet for this IC and determined that it was a 32MB 3.3v NAND flash. Using the datasheet and a multimeter, we were able to determine the pinout of the cartridge connector.

Making a Chimp Alive Again

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I got a (sick) chimp today.

I often stop by a nearby surplus warehouse store to see what store stock has found it's way to their deeply discounted aisles.

A Chimp that had obviously been deboxed, and resealed in just inner box, was on the shelf. It had the remote and the AC adapter. I passed it by one day a week ago. Today I picked it up.

Custom Controller for Elvis?

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Late to the party, but just cracked open my Elvis head.

The ICESDA, ICESCK, and ICE lines on the J22 connector on the main board are for an I2C (3 wire) interface to the Analog to Digitial converter (Sonix SNAD01A) Which is an 8 channel 10-BIT ADC chip. All of the motor pots are connected to this. There is one in the head and one on the main board.

Any custom controller will need to be able to either communicate with this or replace it with something else.