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The Elvinator Source Code and Video along with other helpfull code and Video

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This thread is intended for Pbasic Coding using the Parallex Basic stamps on the Elvinator and other helpfull PBasic code. Video will also be added when needed. If you have any PBasic code that you would like to share PLEASE do so as this will help out others in need. Some of the first code has already been posted in another thread and will be reposted in this thread. As changes are made they will reflect in a new post or at least part of the code that has been changed. Use copy and paste functions to import the code into your compiler as you see fit.

Elvis gears noise too loud - advice?

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I got the Elvis for christmas here in Toronto and now it seems as if the bloody things gears are sooo loud!  They don't allow much of the music or dialogue to be heard over them and probably have woken Elvis up and half of Mississippi also.  Any ideas what i can do?  Love the thing but don't want to just junk it.  Any thoughts?

Also, are there any tricks, mods, etc. for it?

thanks all!

The NEW Elvis skin

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Hey everyone, I need as many new skin ideas for the project I'm doing with Elvis. So if you have some really good ones please let me know, I have already a terminator with half of the face eaten off and a droid look. I am rebuilding the Elvis from almost the ground up so any help would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


WowWee May be Dead

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It finally time. Pleo is ready for pre-order, at 350 USD. Looking at the vids on pleoworld and ugobe's site, it looks like wowwee has to get their act together if they want to survive. Look at the videos and see if there's anything you dont like about it.