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What will you do with Elvis?

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When Elvis comes out this summer, is anyone planning to get one?  If so, do you think you'd try to open him up and modify him (or the chimpanzee for that matter)?  And if you would, what would you have him do?

Seems like a tricky lot to play with (read: take a screwdriver to), and wondered if there'd be any takers.

I've got a monkey!

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There is no chimpanzee formum! I need help in hacking this primate.

I've just received my little monkey and after spending over an hour getting it out of the box, decided it needs a computer interface.


Could we possibly get a monkey forum going. I'll do my best to document the innards, but I'm a software guy, so I'll be needing suggestions and hints.


Initial Impressions:

1. It seems well made.

Delayed response with Alive Chimpanzee head, a problem?

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Is my unit defective, or does the chimp head seem to have a one to two second-delay in executing commands from the remote? Especially happens when you command it to move its head around, as it lags about a second or two before actually moving, and changing the batteries makes no difference.