WowWee Alive

Delayed response with Alive Chimpanzee head, a problem?

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Is my unit defective, or does the chimp head seem to have a one to two second-delay in executing commands from the remote? Especially happens when you command it to move its head around, as it lags about a second or two before actually moving, and changing the batteries makes no difference.

Robot Magazine features Alive Chimp

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Robot Magazine is running an article on WowWee Alive's Chimpanzee. It's a pretty positive article that goes into the office's experience with the Chimp, including scaring some delivery guys. Unfortunately, Robot mag doesn't publish many of their articles online, so you'll have to pick up a hardcopy (oh the horror!)



The Roomba Chimpanzee

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It is very much within our human nature to tinker with stuff, to experiment, to try to meld things together, but sometimes the results can be .... interesting, to say the least. Take for example, the Roomba Chimp: it's essentially a WowWee Alive Chimpanzee stuck onto an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. Take 10 seconds and watch this Frankenstein-like creation move around with the Chimp activated and making faces and noises as it moves. To quote one commenter: "How disturbing. I must have one."