No Nav Signal even LED's working

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Hi RoviosI'm Tom and I own  3 Rovios. I use them as house guards. So every 2 minutes they bark when we're not at home.Of course we drive around, to look after the rooms from time to time.Since I bought it used from ebay, one Rovio doesn't get a NAV signal from its docking station.I checked the one IR-LED of the vertical arm with my old digital cam. I see it on the display, so this LED is working.The 2 LED inside the lense are also seems to working. I dismounted the bowl of the lens and point the LED towards the sensor of the Rovio.The Nav Signal is then recognized by the Rovio.

Rovio setup! :(

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Hi - new to forum, new to Rovio...Picked one up about 10 months ago but am strugggling to set it up... its working and functional, connected with phone and can control it etc with an app called rovio control...recently set my PC up to try and get it setup properly... downloaded the 'rovio setup' software from the site as advised... stage 1. switch it on.... stage 2. plug it in to usb port... then it says 'connecting' get to a new window but before i can do anything it says PC must be connected to internet...

Source for replacement motors

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So my Rovio gave off a nasty smell the other other day and one of the wheels stopped turning.  I pulled it apart and looks like the motor is fried.  There is black carbon coming out of the motor case.  The main board is supplying 5V so I assume it's the motor.Anyone know of a source for replacements?  I might as well do all three since I already have it apart.  If not, does anyone know the specs on them? Thanks,Wayno

Need help and information on replacing a few components on the Power Board.

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I recently messed up my rovio by replacing the 3000mAh with a 5000mAh battery and I made the mistake of soldering the leads of the battery onto the deans connector backwards. Needless to say I blew up the 1W0R5J Resistor (R11) on the power board.I am replacing that resistor with a ceramic wire wound 5W0R5J resistor as I can't find a 1W0R5J ceramic wirewound resistor. the 5W should work fine though (may just have to figure out how to make it fit.The axial inductor on the board (L1) looks as if it got a bit hot and reads .3 ohms resistance.

Rovio disconnecting / blue lights off

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I've had a Rovio for a few years and just bought my 2nd one on eBay recently. The 2nd one has a problem I haven't seen before. After about an hour of inactivity it not only disconnects from the wifi, but also the blue lights go out and the light on the power button goes out.  The lights are actually still on, but extremely faint (only visible in the dark) and the rovio won't respond to any commands. Power cycling fixes the problem, but the same thing happens again after an hour or so. Any ideas?  I guess this is a hardware problem.  I've tried firmware 5.03 (stable), 5.03b and 5.00.