You can test rovio battery with this software tool

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You can test rovio battery with this software tool,   RovioMate.

in the drive show box , you input "wwwwwsssss", and your rovio will move head and back in loop automatic, calc the time with battery exhausted. more , you can get status with battery status.

RovioMate download for free:;jsessionid=A2FE180475CEAAEE72250E7482502389


RovioMate v0.81 to Download, free

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    A rovio control software, developement by c language. You can set param for your rovio, do dance and led show. 

    A rovio control tool, with this, you can modify your rovio iamge param and move param quickly, and it can auto drive with key'qweasd123', also, it can get iamge from rovio intervally. It has a led show, it's very nice, also, you can control your rovio manually, you will love in it. 


No prompt on ActiveX Control installation

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I am having problem to make the video and audio work with IE8 or above, I have tried on 3 different machines and all of them are the same showing the following in the video area

Can not load live ActiveX control. When prompted by Internet Explorer make sure you chose to install the ActiveX plugin. If after installing the plugin no video is displayedyou may need to refresh this page by pressing F5.

While it never prompt me to install the ActiveX Control hence, I know it connects to the Rovio fine as I can control its movement without any problem from the Rovio interface.

Scrambled video feed from rovio,, please,please Help!!

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Hi, I'm new here so pardon any mistakes!

I recently purchased my Rovio which I've been waiting a LONG time to get and after spending a WEEK researching on the net I finally got it updated and set up. But I have one MAJOR problem that I cant find a remedy for, the video feed from it seems to be scrambled? I can control everything on it from my phone and from my laptop except the video feed is scrambled on both? I can also get two way sound on Firefox. I will try an upload a screen shot from my phone with this so ye can see.

Receiving bad Sound with Rovio.

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Hi there,

I'm just tired to configure my rovio on IE 9 under win7 64 bits. The problem is that I don't know why all work fine but the sound I received. It's really bad. I've tried with IE 8 and also the same result. I change the firmware of rovio don't know how many times. I've search the web thoroughly and none. So as my last resort, I let you know my problem hoping someone have the same problem and solved it.

Rovio hangs while turning with the blue dots

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Hy all,

Having this problem :

My Rovio stops working, video hangs, no reaction anymore, after pressing on the blue dots thru its portal.

Solution : Reboot.

Going straigt ahead, backwards, or turning with the arrows, no problem ...

Anyone an idea ?  Don't think it has to do anything with the wheel-encoders, or does it ?  Did change them already, without luck ...  Maybe the other-ones also broke ?

Did also revert to factory, down- and upgrading firmware.  I am stuck (as is my Rovio :o)


Thx for your help !!!