super size rovio

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Hey all I have an old battle bot from way back. it is configured exactly the same as the rovio. three omni wheels drive by rc motor controlers via remote. I hope the rovio uses pwm signal to drive. if so my robot will easily upgrade to the rovio comand and control guts. this is gona be awsome. here a link to my old robot site. send me your thoughts...

Rovio Positioning system

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Good morning friends,

I wonder what the positioning system of Rovio, I've been reading it can draw routes pre-planned, but how he does it, is with the use of infra red, or he uses another system, also seen on websites that he has a system that would be like a GPS, is this true?
Because my house has ceiling loud at some points reaches 6 feet tall, if he uses infra red to stand, I think it will work in my house.

Or just Rovio uses infrared to position itself on the basis of charging the batteries?

thank you very much

Resurrecting Rovio!: A Windows 7 x64 guide to re-animating Rovio! UPDATED 6/23/12

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Greetings Robot Geeks!


Like many of you, I decided to grab a Rovio off eBay at a bargain price. What I didn't realize is that the reason many of them go so cheaply is that most of them are DOA!! Well not entirely, hence the purpose for this educational article. Hopefully, more folks won't sell their Rovio's in helpless dispair, but rather, will read this guide and realize that re-animating Rovio isn't as difficult as you think!

Rovio INF drivers

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Has anyone compiled a set of Rovio INF files for Windows XP/7? If anyone has access to these, please post a dropbox link.

While the standard setup package doesn't distro the drivers this way, I'm wondering if anyone at has ever got these from WowWee.

This would go A LONG way in UN-bricking Rovios.

Fighting Ports/Rovio for 2 Years, No dice

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I like many Rovio owners, am pulling out my scalp with what is left of my hair! I have 2 Verizon Westell modem/router combos and cannot figure out for the life of me why they won't let me connect from outside!

I will put up my EXACT configuration, in hopes that someone else will be able to help me.

Also, Rovio's IP is static, and my host has been used to host a temporary website so I have no idea why they won't work. Oh, and one time I had temporary success using DMZ instead of ports but.. nothing out of that either.

Problems opening ports so I can asses rovio over the internet.

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Hi I have a apple airport extreme I got it to work over local network but can't seem to open ports using UPnP which I know that it doesn't have. It uses Port Mapping. I have tried many times to open ports but it doesn't. I have tried to control rovio over the internet but no good.

Can someone please tell me step by step how to open ports on apple airport extreme. So I could finally use rovio over the internet. Please.

Wow wee rovio won't connect to computer or wifi

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I have Rovio I connected to the Internet but then I updated the software. And after that it won't connect to the computer.I get a light red color. And when I connect it to the computer I get a message USB not recognized. Also I can't connect using the software or iPad. The Internet does not say that the rovio is even connected. I am using a windows vista. Please help. Can't reboot or restore or upgrade or downgrade. still charges. I have already darned the battery. Kept a full night without the battery. Help please.