rovio port problem helpp!!

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hi everyone!

i just bought rovio to monitor my DOGS from my work. they bark a lot and i got 4 complains in a week. i will be kicked out unless rovio work through internet.

i use vista 64 bit, ad hoc server setup.(usb doesn't work .don't know rovio's ip) works fine with my desk top.but i see unable to connect rovio's portal message.

Windows Phone 7 Controller

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Hey guys I have just published my app to the Window Phone 7 marketplace to control the Rovio from the phone. It is free and called cameracontroller (I know not very original). Just does mjpeg stream and touch control for movement.

Next update will be after the Mango release.

New rovio owner, need some help!

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Hello all, I just bought a Rovio and joined this site. I need some help from you techies out there though... What steps do I need to take to get my rovio up and running? I'm interested in using the robodance software or a similar package so I can remotely access from my iphone. My home wireless uses WPA encryption, is there a way to keep this with the rovio? Do I need to set up the rovio using the manufacturers software first then change it? Really, what I am looking for is a step-by-step system. Any help out there?!

External access with BT Homehub router

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Hi All,

I've had my Rovio working before, but now we're on BT internet and I'm trying to get it going again.


I think I have all the settings set up and I am using for a Dynamic DNS.

MXtoolbox reports the host i set up as working but only port 80 is open. 8080 failed.

I have tried setting the router firewall completely OFF but still no luck.

I have these ports forwarding:

8080 and 554.

I have DMZ set to the rovio too.

Am I wasting my time trying to test from inside my network?

iPhone App: Rovio Control (now supports Apple Watch)

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I am pretty new to Rovio and was searching for an iPhone app. It looks like the available apps are kind of outdated so I did my own and "Rovio Control" just hit the App Store.

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to configure and use it. For example: since most users are lost after setting up Rovio for infrastructure wifi, the app will scan your lokal network for it on the first start. In most cases you do not need to hassle around with IP Addresses. I also striped down most settings options to "low", "med" and "high". 



Rovio Commander II free 1 week trial

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Here is your chance to try the full version of Rovio Commander II for a whole week.  This trial is only good from today until February 4th.  On February 4th it will revert back to demo mode.  Please donwload it from here.  Have fun!!!


Coming soon.  Rovio Commander Android for your Android device.