Rovio disconnecting from wifi.

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Hi all,

Ok, I have my rovio setup to DHCP an IP address from my linux server, it's setup statically (on the server) so that it always gets the same IP.

My linux server is also a masquarading gateway with the apropreate ports forwarded so that I can connect to the rovio externally. This works as it should, and I can control the robot remotely.

The wifi is setup with WPA2 encryption.

However lately I have been having the following problem.

Rovio, Image Processing and Robotic logic

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Hi everyone,

following this link (in my personal Blog) you can find details of my dissertation (basically, you can download my dissertatioin) which was implemented using WowWee Rovios. It will be very interested for people that they are into image processing. I also have the project, written in C#. If someone is interested after reading my dissertation, he can leave me a comment on my blog and we can see what we can do.

Follow the link:

WiFi dropping out - Troubleshooting steps requested

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My Rovio works fine for a while but after an hour or so of sitting on the charger I'm no longer able to connect to it again.  It's using firmware 5.03.  The router I have is a Netgear WNR3500v1 and I have it set up to have a static IP address under "Address Reservations" in the LAN Setup tab.

I've seen a post where somone replaced the WiFi board in their Rovio to solve the problem but I'm hoping there are some other things I should try first to narrow it down to the WiFi board.  Any suggestions?

Can't Get it Activated

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I came across this forum Googling.  I'm trying to help some friends get a Rovio mobile webcam working that they bought a couple years ago.  I asked the company for help and received a terse note saying simply that the product was discontinued (I guess the implication being that they also won't help those who bought the product before it was discontinued).

Is this community a place I could post the problem I'm having and hopefully get some assistance?  I hate to see the device totally go to waste.