Who knows what the Wowwee Rovio Portal was supposed to do?

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Rovio is working great and I can get to him from outside the home network. I have DYNDNS setup that is functioning nicely with a PC running the IP updater.

However, I'm puzzled about what the "Portal" was supposed to do. Having been late to the game on Rovio, I seem to have missed out on this feature - whatever it was. Rovio always reports "failed to connect to portal" on the Settings tab for Network. And on the main webpage I've always had a message like this when I mouse over the Online button: "unable to connect Rovio to the portal"

Can't connect iPhone to Rovio on 3G, but can on an outside wireless network

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So I can connect to my Rovio (all outside or inside my wireless network) over wifi on my iphone but I can't through a 3G connection.  This is the first time this has happend and I've never had issues before.  I can't figure out what I've changed.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!

Setup HELP?

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Ok so there are a couple problems i am having with my new Rovio. First problem is that I noticed was the power switch light doesn't come on ever. Also when trying to setup Rovio it says "Failed to connect to Rovio" I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have researched a little and found that you can't set up a Rovio with a 64 bit computer. I have heard that you can hard reset it and set up through ad hoc mode but my computer doesn't recognize the USB and the power switch light won't come on.I have the latest setup software on the Rovio website.

Dvdshopsonline-Have you shopped there?

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  I recently came across this site whilst looking for tv series     dvds:
   The prices are REALLY cheap,Star Trek Voyager Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset for R896.60 .It's 999 for one season at musica and 300-400 per season on kalahari.
   To get to the point has anyone used the site before,I searched the forums and found nothing.
Are they reliable?Looks too good to be true and I dont wanna buy a bunch of things only for them not to arrive.
    it seemed to be a good idea.


a new era in Rovio Firmware Hacking and Enhancement

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Great news for Rovio owners... we can finally start hacking code in firmware! This means users can now edit/add the microcontroller code and build custom firmware. This thread is being started to bring in new developers and ideas for Rovio firmware changes.

It started in this thread about eCOS - at the time Wowwee had finally publishing the firmware source code to Rovio. The project was made with ADS 1.2 and CodeWarrior.