Rovio WebServer (URLs, JavaScript and tech stuff)

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Rovio acts like a web server. Your computer's browser connects to that web server and the Rovio provides web pages for the user interface (with changing content, like the current camera image)

 The default main webpage provides the full screen user interface using JavaScript "http://{IP_ADDRESS}/index.htm"
(replace {IP_ADDRESS} with your Rovio's IP address, eg: 10.x.y.z or 192.168.x.y typically)

Adding an Arm to a Rovio

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This thread was split off the end of the Wall-E thread when 4mem8 pondered what he'd do with a robotic arm he'd won with his Wall-E submission to an online contest.


Mount the arm on a Rovio, assuming of course the little bugger can handle the weight.


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I'm dying here!  When can we get it?  I'm building a server cluster right now to control the little bugger and I was hoping it would be my Christmas present.  Any news would be appreciated!