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Rovio ignoring me

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I'm experiencing a problem with my Rovio and it seems to be getting more frequent.  After Rovio docks, sometimes his connection drops out.  I checked out Rovio after this happens and he's still powered up and usually the status LED is green (although I thought I saw it red once).  I check my router status and he was no longer connected.  A simple power cycle gets him connected back up and running but this is not possible when I'm accessing him during my travels.

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My Rovio Experience

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Just got my first Rovio in September. Of course I appear to be at least 1 year behind the curve, but am excited none the less.

I'm using IE 7 under XP-32 primarily, but have had good luck with Win7-64 Pro too.

I was able to get the active-x component to install with on a Win7-64 bit laptop. I used IE 8 (32-bit) with the Rovio added to my "trusted sites" list. The trusted sites were set to low-security level, but I'm not sure that was really necessary.

Rovio Adhoc Setup with your Android Tablet/device

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Here is how to set up your Rovio with a Android Device via ADHOC method

1. You need a Andriod Tablet or Phone that has the ability to connect via ADHOC. I am using a Motorola Xoom Tablet running Moray version 2.1

2. A Roivo that is not configured or back to default. To reset Rovio to default:

Turn Rovio on, and then wait for the LED power indicator on Rovio's neck to light up, and then turn it off. Do this 4 times On the 4th time leave the Rovio on this will Reset it to default.

Rovio amperage

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I was wondering about the battery usage from the bright blue lights... so I got out the multimeter, and meaured amperage. And here I share my observations. Firmware 5.03

380 mA during boot.
460 mA while connecting to network (orange LED right after boot).
400 - 500 mA while idle and connected (green LED) to router. Yes, this wide variation was shown randomly over a few minutes of idle. Rovio daydreams?!

No change observed when logging into the built-in interface for controlling/streaming.

IE9 Win 7 64bit can't install activex

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This is the first time I've tried accessing Rovio from my new PC.  It works fine with Firefox except no audio of course.  I tried to use IE.  I don't use IE much.  It's IE9 and Rovio says it can't load live video activex.  I got security set so it no longer blocks the activex but when I click yes to allowing the program to make changes to the computer after say 5 seconds the hour glass goes away and nothing more happens.  I F5 to refresh the site and it didn't help it's starts the process all over again of needing to install the activex.  Ideas?

You're Getting Older...the best South Park episode in years

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South Park...perhaps the most unemotional show ever, pulls off an emotional episode. That ending was so depressing and brilliant...and they managed to pull it off with no wink at the camera or irony.The show will become much more exciting if Stan meets new friends and if that Kyle/Cartman friendship gets underway.

Win7_X64 help

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Hello Eveyone,

I have 4 cameras on my network that allow me to see what's going on from anywhere, as well as my iPhone with the Live Cams app. I cannot get my Rovio configured even to start under Win7_X64, any help would br greatly appreciated.

Trying to update the firmware fails, software fails, etc. What is the process to get this device up and running?

Thank you,