Rovio Dock IR Problems

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Hi Guys,

I have had a Rovio for many many years but have always had the most terrible internet connection, so remote viewing has been awful. In fairness, it's been a long time since I even drove Rovio using my iPhone. In the meantime, it has sat in the corner of the room on charge. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to get upgraded to 38MB broadband so exitedly thought it was perfect to dust off the Rovio and actually get some use out of it!

Can not install rovio software installer and can not connect cam to PC for setup

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When I installed the Rovio software installer wiht cam connected, I got an error mesage that "please disconncet rovio from your computer". I disconnected the cam and re-runed the installed.exe. However the same error message popped up again althrought the cam has been disconnected. I am stuck at the very beginning even did not get the set up program installed. This PC is win 8 system.


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hello, veiullez excuse my english in advance. I want to integrate ROVIO in a box automation HOME CENTER 2 at FIBARO. there he has someone who knows the commands to learn? thank you

Unexpected Wifi Password Prompt

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Dear friends of Rovio,

I got my Rovio up and running on remote access for a year or so. I got a new laptop now and when trying to remotley accessing it, I enter the details as usual, but then it asks for the user password again and additionally also wifi password. I copy pasted the details below and hope they the will visible. After correctly entering the details and clicking or and refresh and all possible options, nothing happens. This is the same for Chrome and Firefox.

Sales On 2X Pioneer CDJ-2000 & DJM-900 Nexus $2,500

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New to Rovio: what mods/hacks?

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Hello, I'm Dotternetta and I just purchased a secondhand Rovio for 50 euro. While unpacking I discovered it was brand new, no scratches, no dust, no dirt Laughing Feels like a good deal!

Yesterday I installed it and all workes well. I applied Rovio Brighter 2.0 which works great!

I'm still struggling to get the Websee activex plugin working in IE. I have a lot experience with ip camera's and got everything working but this one doesn't want to load.