Unexpected Wifi Password Prompt

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Dear friends of Rovio,

I got my Rovio up and running on remote access for a year or so. I got a new laptop now and when trying to remotley accessing it, I enter the details as usual, but then it asks for the user password again and additionally also wifi password. I copy pasted the details below and hope they the will visible. After correctly entering the details and clicking or and refresh and all possible options, nothing happens. This is the same for Chrome and Firefox.

Sales On 2X Pioneer CDJ-2000 & DJM-900 Nexus $2,500

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New to Rovio: what mods/hacks?

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Hello, I'm Dotternetta and I just purchased a secondhand Rovio for 50 euro. While unpacking I discovered it was brand new, no scratches, no dust, no dirt Laughing Feels like a good deal!

Yesterday I installed it and all workes well. I applied Rovio Brighter 2.0 which works great!

I'm still struggling to get the Websee activex plugin working in IE. I have a lot experience with ip camera's and got everything working but this one doesn't want to load.

Used Rovio came with No Software

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I just bought a used Rovio and it came with everything but the manual and CD. I've tried using several "setup" software links but I keep getting a code error. It's not recognizing the hardware. Power works but can't seem to get the download to complete throught the Wizard. 


I'm using Windows 7 but the way. Any thoughts or advice. Thanks. 

Fimware with Brightness fix (somehow..)

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I've done a quick patch to rovio code (rovio.js) to allow brighter images.

Works on my Rovio and is usefull in low light conditions.

Based on Gandalf findings that poking via i2c the brightness register in camera allow better control.

I've submitted the patch and uploaded recompiled firmware (Rovio-chris75-503c.bin) on sourceforge:

Using the Rovio as the controller of a larger robot

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I always thought the Rovio was neat, and recently I picked one up and have been playing with it, and sharing it with people on another forum I'm active on.  One limitation is that it cannot really drive outside other than on flat hard surfaces, so driving around the lawn isn't going to work.


Well, I set out to change that.  I can build other robot bases, and decided to see if I could hook an Arduino up to the Rovio, to "listen" to what the three motors were doing, and translate that into an output from the Arduino that can run servos or ESC's for larger motors.