I face a problem with ROVIOâ??s programming

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I face a problem with ROVIO’s programming and I need your kind help either in solving this problem or in finding a suitable solution for it.

I live in an area in which its electric current is not regular. Power cuts for a long time and for several times a day. So, ROVIO’s battery cannot be full charged and sometimes cannot be charged at all.

For that, I need a system amendment in which I can cancel the automatic back of ROVIO to the base when battery is empty.

Rovio color recognition and automatic tracking,speech recognition,play MP3/WAV files

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Rovio color recognition and automatic tracking.


Control ROVIO by voice


Play MP3/WAV files to rovio

Rovio + Arduino: my experience

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Is anyone interested in connecting Arduino to Rovio?

I managed to do this using I2C, so i can post a detailed report with many photos.

If you've ever wanted to equip your Rovio with any kind of sensors or other custom devices - that's it.

It was neccessary for my project, and at the moment i have 2 Rovio's with Arduino inside, communicating with each other using IR emitter ("gun") and receiver (so we can play a kind of 3D-shooter).

Rovio Commander available now

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Rovio Commander is available again.  I have added a new protection scheme.  Rovio Commander still uses your Rovio's MAC along with a conformation code.  This conformation code scheme also checks in the code and if there are two or more Rovio's on different newtork your code will be disabled.  DO NOT share your CODE, if your code is shared then it will become invalid and you will need to purchase another code.


Thanks for everyones support.

Rovio not charging?

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Hi Everyone,


I picked my Rovio up off eBay and even though I knew I would have problems, plunged in anyway. I have searched the boards and haven't quite found my issue so thought I would quickly ask.


My Rovio seems to be charging, when I log into to see it, it shows full bars, but it will not leave its dock on its own and as soon as I physically pick it up it is dead. It will not power up at all, is the battery just dead or is there something going on with the connectors?


Any helps is appreciated.

New headlight mod - no soldering required

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As mentioned on some other threads, I recently purchased headlights from China.

The Chinese seller didn't provide any description of how to install them, so therefore I'm writing this post so others might understand how to do this. The headlights has been discussed on this forum before - see here.

Connection of Rovio extra headlight

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Hi, I would like to install some headlights which bought from here.I have assembled all the parts together and connected them to the batteries of Rovio.There is a small circuit board between the headlights and the battery connector. On this circuit board there is a small wire which I assume is the switch.I hope this headlight can be connected so the stock headlight button in web browsers can be used to turn the headlights on and off.Can someone with?modding skills advice me on?where?to connect this?wire in order for the switch to work?