Rovio stops connecting

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased my rovio and everything was working fine, I can connect to it via wifi, take pictures, etc..  it also has the latest firmware and software that I downloaded from the wowwee support site. The problem is I can connect to it for 3-4 days, then it stops connecting. I have to manually turn it off and then on again to get it to work again. Has anyone else had this problem?

Rovio Chat now in App Store (2-way Audio iPhone App)

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Rovio Chat allows you to control your Wowwee Rovio mobile webcam via WiFi or mobile data network. It's the only mobile app across any platforms that supports Rovio's 2-way audio. Please note that you'll need to have a Rovio mobile webcam in order to use this app.

Here is the App Store URL.

App Store 

And here is my support website which you can download my custom rovio firmware.

Support Website


Rovio not working :(

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Hi all,


Im just about to throw my Rovio into the Bin. It worked perfectly a couple weeks ago and i had it powered off for about 2-3 weeks. I recently recharged it and its having some problems.

- i get an orange/red led flashing at the top and then it goes away, and then the cycle repeats itself over again

- i have re-setup the rovio setup with firmware v5.03.

New(used) rovio problem

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I just received a used rovio that I purchased on eBay. I downloaded the software and manual and followed the setup steps. I got the charging dock assembled and plugged in and put the rovio in place. When I pushed the power button the blue LEDs came on, blinked a few times then started pulsing every 5-10 seconds or so. This seems like what it is supposed to do. However, there is no light on the power button. Is this supposed to come on immediately?  What could be wrong if it doesn't come on?

I face a problem with ROVIOâ??s programming

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I face a problem with ROVIO’s programming and I need your kind help either in solving this problem or in finding a suitable solution for it.

I live in an area in which its electric current is not regular. Power cuts for a long time and for several times a day. So, ROVIO’s battery cannot be full charged and sometimes cannot be charged at all.

For that, I need a system amendment in which I can cancel the automatic back of ROVIO to the base when battery is empty.

Rovio color recognition and automatic tracking,speech recognition,play MP3/WAV files

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Rovio color recognition and automatic tracking.


Control ROVIO by voice


Play MP3/WAV files to rovio

Rovio + Arduino: my experience

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Is anyone interested in connecting Arduino to Rovio?

I managed to do this using I2C, so i can post a detailed report with many photos.

If you've ever wanted to equip your Rovio with any kind of sensors or other custom devices - that's it.

It was neccessary for my project, and at the moment i have 2 Rovio's with Arduino inside, communicating with each other using IR emitter ("gun") and receiver (so we can play a kind of 3D-shooter).