Connection of Rovio extra headlight

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Hi, I would like to install some headlights which bought from here.I have assembled all the parts together and connected them to the batteries of Rovio.There is a small circuit board between the headlights and the battery connector. On this circuit board there is a small wire which I assume is the switch.I hope this headlight can be connected so the stock headlight button in web browsers can be used to turn the headlights on and off.Can someone with?modding skills advice me on?where?to connect this?wire in order for the switch to work?

Rovio Chat v1.2 now in App Store (2-way Audio iPhone App)

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[updated on May 25, 2013]

Version 1.2

  • A new option named "Rovio Vol Boost" is added under Configuration screen to allow you to boost the Rovio speaker volume.
  • Add an option to pause the video stream in order to save bandwidth.  Useful when you only want to chat and don't care about the video.  Use 2 fingers to double tag the rovio video window to pause or resume.
  • Relocation of Rovio Settings button.

[Updated on May 11, 2013]

Version 1.1

3 Rovio's for sale

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I am selling 3 Rovios and two Bases.  There are no chargers and only 1 Rovio has a battery. 1 Rovio has a broken antenna and 1 Rovio has a poor headlight mod.  Last time a used these they were working.  These are being sold AS IS.  Ship to USA ONLY.  Buyer pays shipping. Send me PM here.

$100.00 for all 3.


rovio MAC address - resetting SetMac.cgi API correction

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A correction to the Rovio API 1.3.

The API documentation says:

http://<IP address>/SetMac.cgi?MAC=

The correct command is:

http://<IP address>/SetMac.cgi?mac=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

... for your MAC and IP address. The former will set you MAC address randomly to some function of the supplied MAC like 00:00:00:00:80:AF

I know resetting the MAC is not a good idea generally but if you have to .. then this how.

Regards, T.