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slboat rovio compatible beacon going

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anyway,i think this a bad idea,the first id i write what happen here has be block,i think to put it out is not good idea,for me,the reason why i doing it,it's because i cant buy any trackbeacon in anywhere,that's sad,so i make the beacon mostly for my self,but some reason,a lot guy like it too,so im make some of them,and after one month,it's finial be done,it's not easy in anyway.

so if i offend any the forum's rule,im sorry,now im just post the beacon look like,and work like.

Why do I get an awful sound from Rovio?

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It happens only to me or is it just normal?

I'm talking about the sound I get from rovio using internet explorer. It's awful and I barely can't make out the sound I get. However if I use chrome or mozilla or whatever explorer there is, the sound is good. So... why it happens only with IE?

Is it an isolated problem or maybe is my rovio who is malfunctioning?

I make clear that I tried in 4 computers whith windows7 and xp too. And using IE7, IE8 and IE9.

video stream over UDP

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Hi everyone!

Does anybody know, how to get video from Rovio over UDP?

Correct me if it's not true, but as far as i know rtsp://<rovio>:554/webcam goes over TCP.

If we look at API specs, UDP is mentioned in GetUPnP/SetUPnP cgi's, but with a note "not generally used". 

however, in the changlelog we can see the following:


slboat's rovio compatibility beacon

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hi guys,i play rovio sometime,it's sorry dont have more becon for fun,and wowow doesnot support it any more,so im design make a compatibility rovio beacon,it's with a button,u can press it to swith room1 to room9,it's very small,and with a micro usb power supply,im hope it can out befor 2011.11.01,and we called it SLboat's Rovio beacon.

does ecos have a shell to connect

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hi everyone,im kind new for rovio,im just got it by yesterday,it's a great robot!

but im have some curious about the system-ecos:
* the setup program is use usb-ttl to connect the pc,so tha'ts mean ttl can do a lot thing,but im connect it by telnet,it's not respond anything.

* i just know the ecos is base on the redhat,so its kind linux,can we put a shell on it,anyway,what's the realtime system?