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Burning man robot display

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Greatings, My name is John and I am going to be attending the Burning Man event in 2018 . This years theme it I Robot and I would like to build a display  called Ralph’s Robot Wrecking Yard.Robot to be a male mannequin ( already acquired) wearing gold metallic  unitard with Robot glasses  or and Positronic brain (clear bowl on top of head with flashing led lights ) sitting in a kiosk  4’ x 4’ x 7 ft high with 100 watt solar panel on roof charging batteries which  power the displays. Robot to be surrounded by console containing lights and dials and computer trash.

CHIP: Firmware opportunities to Chip & App - Adding a worthy product accessory

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Hi Robot Communitty, I'm entering this feedback in an effort to address some opportunities that would extend your robot Chip's use, enjoyment and lifecycle. My 16 month year old son LOVES this toy. He is a bit rough, but then better a robot dog than a little dog. If he breaks Chip, I will be buying him another one. Below is a list of some experiences we have had, and I wanted to share some thinking on how to enhance / improve the existing Chip platform without forcing upgrades to the current model. For the love of god - please:An easy firm update worthy of everyones interest.

problem with spykee robot

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   helloi tried to update my spykee robot firmware but propably something went wrong.ever since i cannot operate my robot,green and red light rapidly flash both and therobot cannot be detected from any bluetooth or wifi laptop.i tried reseting it by the reset buttoni even bought a new battery pattery pack but still the robot is not responding.can you please help me???thank you!

RoboRemote Alternatives?

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Hello Forum!

I got a Tribot over Summer from a resale shop. Works just fine (turn it on, it does the random start-up sequence, and waits for command). Problem is, it didn't come with a remote. I downloaded Roboremote, but alas I do not have the corresponding plug-in device to use with it. Because the plug-in plugs into the audio jack, and because the Wowwee Robots typically run on IR, I was wondering if there was a way to use an IR blaster. I have 2 that I got for experimentation purposes, but the Tribot doesn't seem to respond to them. This leads me to 3 possible conclusions:

Rovio Firmware v5.03 and WPA2 - 26byte key crash

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Hi Rovio people,

I am running Rovio with the latest firmware (v5.03) and found a strange problem: whenever I use WPA2 and a PSK consisting of exactly 26 alphanumerical characters, Rovio does not connect to the network but instead "crashes" (i.e. I need to restore factory settings). Among many other keys I have tried the following:

WPA2 PSK: yeqwoif0treqasf723waifj219         (26 chars, Rovio fails)
WPA2 PSK: yeqwoif0treqasf723waifj219a       (27 chars, Rovio works just fine)


"RS Media Control Station" software

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Hi all

I am new to the RS Media. Well when I say new, I mean my son and daughter have both had RS media’s for 3 year. Only now since my daughters robot stop working and I asked for help from this forum have I learnt so much about the robot. It is only now that I can seeing so much potential and possibility of the RS Media Robots.