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problem with spykee robot

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   helloi tried to update my spykee robot firmware but propably something went wrong.ever since i cannot operate my robot,green and red light rapidly flash both and therobot cannot be detected from any bluetooth or wifi laptop.i tried reseting it by the reset buttoni even bought a new battery pattery pack but still the robot is not responding.can you please help me???thank you!

RoboRemote Alternatives?

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Hello Forum!

I got a Tribot over Summer from a resale shop. Works just fine (turn it on, it does the random start-up sequence, and waits for command). Problem is, it didn't come with a remote. I downloaded Roboremote, but alas I do not have the corresponding plug-in device to use with it. Because the plug-in plugs into the audio jack, and because the Wowwee Robots typically run on IR, I was wondering if there was a way to use an IR blaster. I have 2 that I got for experimentation purposes, but the Tribot doesn't seem to respond to them. This leads me to 3 possible conclusions:

Rovio Firmware v5.03 and WPA2 - 26byte key crash

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Hi Rovio people,

I am running Rovio with the latest firmware (v5.03) and found a strange problem: whenever I use WPA2 and a PSK consisting of exactly 26 alphanumerical characters, Rovio does not connect to the network but instead "crashes" (i.e. I need to restore factory settings). Among many other keys I have tried the following:

WPA2 PSK: yeqwoif0treqasf723waifj219         (26 chars, Rovio fails)
WPA2 PSK: yeqwoif0treqasf723waifj219a       (27 chars, Rovio works just fine)


"RS Media Control Station" software

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Hi all

I am new to the RS Media. Well when I say new, I mean my son and daughter have both had RS media’s for 3 year. Only now since my daughters robot stop working and I asked for help from this forum have I learnt so much about the robot. It is only now that I can seeing so much potential and possibility of the RS Media Robots.