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no communication with rovio after last firmware install

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i install last firmware, after that rovio cant connect to lan, i try reinstall firmware3 times, rovio communicate with computer by usb, i can change settings, but after installation no wireless connection.

somebody now what problem, firmware or samething alse.

thank you

No software downloads for RS Media and Mr. Personality on the Wow Wee Homepage to found

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Dear all,

since a few days there isn´t any possibility to find and to download the software for Mr. Personality and also not for the RS Media on the WowWee homepage Frown

The links that before existed aren´t to see since a few days.

Successful Rovio Re-Install with 5.02b4 Firmware, VLC Issues

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Just re-set up my Rovio (after finding a new, suitable location) and it's running great on the newest beta firmware.

think the support for audio in Safari and Firefox is awesome, but the
dialog box that pops up on the Rovio isn't entirely clear - it's not as
easy as installing VLC on your Mac and selecting an option to install
plugins, since there isn't one.

You actually have to download the browser plugins separately from this page - it's an additional package:

Testing the Rovio Installer 2.0 Beta?

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A short while back, Michelle posted the 2.0 version of Rovio's software installer, dubbed the "silver bullet."  We've seen that it's being downloaded but haven't heard any feedback.  (You can download it here.)

What does everybody think of this new software package?  Does it function as promised?  The features are exciting - the automatic updates to both software and firmware is a long-needed upgrade.

Let WowWee know your thoughts, don't be afraid to chime in on your beta testing :)

Rovio firmware 5.00 (stable) and Rovio Software for PC (stable)

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Hi all,

Check out the latest stable Rovio firmware (v.5.00) and stable Rovio Software (v. (for PC).

There have been numerous updates from the previous stable versions of each utility. 

Some major changes for the Rovio 5.00 firmware (from v.3.97) include: