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Mac Setup Tool, USB Firmware Updater, and More For Rovio

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Just a quick announcement, we've got our hands on a lot of new software/firmware, some beta and some stable, for the Rovio!

First, the stable editions.  We have version 5 of the Rovio firmware in a stable edition:

We also have version 1.6.4 of the Windows Setup software:

Rovio Setup software for Mac v.1.0b6 (Beta) -- known issues

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Here's a list of known issues with the Rovio Setup software for Mac (v.1.06b):

  1. Doesn’t work if authentication is
    enabled. (Rovio needs to be restored first or authentication turned
  2. Connect Rovio to ‘PC’ needs to be
    changed to ‘Mac’.
  3. Error messages need to be tidied up,
    typos corrected.
  4. Back
    button should be enabled after step 1. Currently disabled until you select a wireless network.
  5. Wi-Fi encryption image missing.
  6. Updates to UI need to be done.

RS Media Suite, Macros, Actions, RS2, What for??

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I'm playing extensively with the suite buggs and all and I've been creating some macros and in the actions there is a RS2 list that just does nothing for me. Has anyone played with them and had any good results? If not, what are they there for!?  - Santa Matt is creating an editor, cant wait! 

New issue Rovio spins eternally

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Had this with 5.00b7, still have it with b10.

Worked with b7 for weeks just fine. Then today, battery ran down. After recharge, when you give the blue button rotate to a compass heading commands, Karl (Rovio) just spins until new command given. Can still hit paths, go home, and all other commands work fine. Many reboots, and as noted, a firmware update. Repeatable with safari and firefox. Ideas?

WowWee Beta Firmware & Software Forum Added

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Due to all the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone here at the community, we're adding a new forum to RoboCommunity - the WowWee Beta Firmware & Software forum.

You'll find that the conversations happening on the community around beta software for Rovio can already be found in this forum.

If you want to start a new conversation about any beta software or firmware for WowWee products, make sure to select this forum!