newbee - using raspbery pi

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Hello,I'm a newbee to hacking the robosapian. I have previosly used a raspberry pi for unrelated projects. I looking to start with the original but have also purchased a V2. What I have in mind is to connect an infrared dongle and a microphone to a raspberry pi.  A few questions I would like to ask the community for help getting started

Using Robodance to read IR codes and control TV/other devices

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Hello I have Robodance 4 + John Reeves USB IRT.  I would like to read IR codes from other transmiters such as TV remote and control my Tv or other devices using the Robodance voice features. USE CASE: Use the Robodance Voice Recognition Feature to control other devices such as TV1. Can I read and display IR codes from remotes using Robodance. If I cannot, I use user Girder or other SW to read the IR codes2. How do I create custom command groups so that I can transmit the new IR Codes to TV or other devices. Thank youRaj

Robodance problems

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First I want to know how I can access WowWee unofficial forum because it gives me 404 error or tell me yes I can post directly on this forum that asks me robodance 4. I want to know how to install usb uirt PC sees USB as uirt. Thank you.

My Rovio robot isn't connecting to Robodance

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When I hit the call button, it just says 

State machine aux. debug info: (none)STEP aux. debug info: (none)UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: (getGlobalRobosapienCommands) The global Robosapien Commands object was never initialized.

And then after a while,

State machine aux. debug info: (none)STEP aux. debug info: (none)UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: (TATI_StateMachineStep.OnTimeOut) Time out occurred while processing a STATE MACHINE step.statemConnectToRovio_mininav_.stepConnect_conn2rovio_: Connecting to Rovio

Does anyone know what to do?