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This may have already been dealt with before - but not sure...

I need to ask though (and beg) - for a Mac OSX version of this to be developed/ported... or maybe better - a java/web app. version - so that all of us lucky enough not to be using Windows can play too... pls.... :) 

Robodance 5 - Features List Announcement

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This post contains the feature list for Robodance 5, the next version of Robodance that is coming soon (details below).

The official feature list for the latest version of Robodance just went live minutes ago.  Robodance 5 is the powerful software program that lets people really take control of their consumer and home entertainment robots while getting a lot more fun and functionality out of them.  Best of all, it's completely free.

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Do you have this problem with your Rovio?

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Hello,  I purchased the rovio and downloaded the software from the site (as instructed when I made the purchase) and had rovio working without any problems from my pc.  I was at a local coffee shop and decided to test rovio out from my Mac.  It worked great!  I had gone onto the website and had noticed that they had made an update bin file.  I downloaded it and followed the instructions accordingly.  The once I had merged the bin file into my settings, it had instructed me to wait until my rovio rebooted.  At this time, rovio's remote and server went black!  When I tried to log back on, it