ir transceiver not recognized

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Hopefully someone can help.  I downloaded Robosance 4 awhile back and it never worked. I would like to get it working before purchasing Vs. 5.  My computer at home didn't have IR so I brought the robot to work with me.


In my HP Touchsmart it has a built in IR Transceiver.  But when I open the program it says USB IR Transceiver not found.  DO you have to use a USB IR Transceiver?  



Robodance 5 download issues

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Norton blocked the dowlad as a medium threat.

Full Path: c:\users\bob\downloads\

On computers as of:

5/24/2012 at 1:35:51 PM

Last Used:

5/26/2012 at 8:50:19 PM

Startup Item:




Very Few Users

Fewer than 5 users in the Norton Community have used this file.


This file risk is medium.

Threat Details

Threat type: Insight Network Threat. There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe


Robodance Download

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Hi, I have previously downloaded Robodance 4 and wish to download again for my laptop.

When I go to the download page and sign up as requested, I get the page "you are already signed up" and not given any alternative.

Can anyone tell me how I can re download Robodance to my new Laptop.



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UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: (TSkypeComponent.WMHandleSkypeEvents)
 --> Skype API is not available.
UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: (TframeRovioSendCommands.sendSimpleResult) The response document did not contain a valid HTTP reply.
Document: Cmd = nav
responses = 0|x=5763|y=-4178|theta=-2.004|room=0|ss=4365

RobosapienV1 actions

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Hi, I have just joined and have a RSV1, a usbuirt and robodance V4.

In the script editor page there are missing some of the arm moves.

With the remote a press of arm up, the arm goes half way 2nd press all the way.

With robodance there is only all the way up.

Can anyone tell me why there is no half way for up, down, in, out.

At this point I haven't checked others, I assume "walk" was left out purposely.

Error message from roboserver

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When I start roboserver and the skype detection starts I get the following errors

UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: (TSkypeComponent.WMHandleSkypeEvents)
--> Skype API is not available.
UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Access violation at address 648C6C38 in module 'libcef.dll'. Read of address 47616028

The skype application opens at that time but the program keeps giving unhandled exceptions


I use windows 7 64 bit


Please advice

Error message when running Roboserver wizard

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Every time I click on the "Get Skype" button (running Roboserver
wizard) I get this message in the MiniNavigator window:
 UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Access violation at address 00702DE6 in module
 'Roboserver.exe'. Read of address 00000008
 I had quit Skype & confirmed this in Task Manager.
 Running up-to-date XP.

 Any clues?