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hi all ,it seems a little bit strange to get the best info about robodance 4.

what i wanne now is what to do it free or to purchase?

what to install first,skype with one ? free version op the purchased one ?

then what ? do i need the eeg headset or can i use a normal one ?

if you do need the eeg headset ,you need the program to ,i gess,that 500 dollars,

whithout the headset.has anyone used this program and wanna tel me all.

special thanks for freddy and gerber,here in belgium is nothing to get.


robodance 4

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hi anyone.if got mail to download the robodance 4  .i copie the url and paste it.

but i can't find the set up.needed help

if have bluetooth anycom200/250 is that good for robodance 4

Multi-Function Watch Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

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Product Description
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Additional Information
Watch function

This is a very good Heart Rate Monitor.  

Heart measuring heart rate control,It is very useful.


Reply to Robert Oschler

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You asked why there had been no feedback since downloading Robodance.

The reason is that our Robosapiens V2 was bought from a charity shop and it turned out that the remote control provided was not the correct one.

As I have been unable to purchase a V2 remote control anywhere, I downloaded Robodance to see if a Wii remote could be programmed to operate the Robosapiens V2.

I found then I needed a USB infrared adapter. I have ordered one from your recommended supplier and am awaiting delivery.

Robodance 4/ i-Sobot and USB/UIRT

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Hi everyone.  I am a newbie to the forum and robotics in general.  I have recently entered the world of robotics with an i-Sobot, and two Sony Aibos.  It is my intention to learn as much as I can about programming my robots using programmes like robodance and other Sony related software.  I am not a programmer just someone interested in using available programmes to enable me to control and get the best out of my robots.