An automatically and semiautomatically unjamming nail selection device

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Concerned with the high technology,today I want to introduce an invention to you which is about machine rivet.An automatically and semiautomatically unjamming nail selection device, designed particularly for machines riveting footwear heel seats onto corresponding heels. 


You know what would be cool?

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You know what would be seriously cool?  iPad or iPhone based controller.

I suggest this only because it would be surely more available to provide a quick alternative to send out the basic commands from the 'app', especially for those who had their stock remotes either break down or damaged.  Surely a good idea since the V1 Robosapien remote is on backorder and not really available except from occasional eBay sellers.

I think I have the wrong Rovio Robodance setup software?

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I downloaded robodance-4-0-0-3a-setup per the email sent to me....I don't however see rovio as choice among the menu to choose at the time of install...What is chickenbutt_v1 anyway?  Am I suppose to choose a different model robot then rovio?  Looking forward to testing the software.


Caribbenan Dan


Mac Voice Control Available

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If anyone's interested, I've come up with a Mac Analog of the Robodance voice control for some of the Wowwee bots.  It requires OS X.4 or higher and a Phidgets IR instead of a UIRT (comparable in price, works across all platforms.)  I've got it launching my Roomba, controlling Robopet and I'm trying to find time to do a set of Roboquad commands.

Reply: How do you use Robodance?

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roschler sent out an email asking for posts on how we use Robodance.

My primary use of Robodance is as a Robosapien Dance Machine as it was originally intended. At least I think that's how it came to be. I have 8 Robosapein V1s that I occasionally entertain myself with as New Bots on the Block.  It has actually taken a lot of tweaking of the move timing to get the different moves to sequence smoothly. Some of the default times are way long, causing pauses in the action.

USB-UIRT driver help

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but all forums I found about this seem to be dead.

I just recieved a Robosapien V1 and an USB-UIRT, which I bought off eBay. I cannot get the USB-UIRT to work with Robodance or be recognized by my computer. I'm running Windows 7 32-bit on a Compaq laptop.