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For Sale - Robosapien v2 - New, Mint, Unopened .. can ship..

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Hi everyone

I have a mint brand new and unopened RoboSapien V2 Limited edition for sale..

Can mail photos on request.. It's all boxed exactly as you'd of bought it from a shop.

I know they are extremely rare, and in a few years will be worth ££££'s. These are literally impossible to get your hands on boxed, unopened/new and are not availiable new anywhere unless you pay in excess of £1000


Omnibot 2000 value?

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I have an omnibot 2000 in its original box sitting in the attic space of my garage. I haven't taken it down to take a look what's inside, but I'd guess its all there. Anyone want to give me some estimates on value? I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Values even just as estimates for now would be helpful. I imagine its probably worth a substantial amount assuming everything is still there and it's in good condition.

Part by part value could be useful as well. (Remote, The actual omnibot, and any other major pieces that are desired)


Complete, working Rovio for sale

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My working Rovio has been sitting in a box, taking up space.  Make me an offer.

It is compete with robot, charger base, Wowee replacement AC adapter, and the Rovio headlight kit.  It has a fairly new replacement battery, which is an non-wowee battery sourced from my local Batteries Plus store.  

I posted about it last year.  Not sure what its state of charge is.  Its been in the box for about 6 months.

Not sure if I have the CD-ROM and manuals, but you can download that stuff.

I NEED a remote for "i-Cybie" robot.

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I picked up an "i-Cybie" robot dog from a local consignment shop and when I got him home, I saw that he did not have his remote. I charged his battery and he does his startup without a problem but I NEED the remote to go on with the other things he can do.

Does anyone have a remote (And other items for him.) that they no longer need and would be willing to let go of? Please send me a PM letting me know if we can deal.

Thank you.

Lady Royce

Fun Robot apparel and products

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Hello!  I've had robots on the brain as of late so I thought I'd share some fun clothing and products I've been designing and placing on my Zazzle store.  It seems like a good fit for robot enthusiats.  Please check out the current products here:  I'll be adding items regularly.

I'd love to hear what you think!