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Maxx Steele and Robie SR on EBAY end Sunday

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I currently have 2 great vintage 80's robots on ebay. I have the original Maxx Steele 100% COMPLETE AND WORKING in the original box and the Rdio Shack Robie SR also in great working condition. Both have been tested and are working well. I have given each new batteries thanks to the help of this great Forum/Site and it's users. Please take a look and bid on these great 80's robots. Thanks and good luck!

Maxx Steele Robot Value

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I have a 100% WORKING, 100 % complete Maxx Steele Robot from Ideal 1984. It comes complete w/ all accessories, Books, Program manual etc in the original box w/ all original packing material. I am looking to maybe sell it and want to get the best return possible. What do these things usually go for.?What kind of prices to they bring on ebay? Can someone please help me out? It's really a great example. you can also contact me directly at


Thanks, Tim

Maxx Steele Robot Value

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I have a Maxx Steele robot in my basement, and I'm curious how much I could sell it for. I read that it's retail price was $200 around 1986 or '87, and with inflation that makes it about $400. But I'm curious if it's value is that simple, or if age has affected the value at all. So, if anyone here has an idea of it's potential value, I would be grateful if you would let me know. I hope I've posted this in the right place.

Thank you