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Maxx Steele Robot Value

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I have a Maxx Steele robot in my basement, and I'm curious how much I could sell it for. I read that it's retail price was $200 around 1986 or '87, and with inflation that makes it about $400. But I'm curious if it's value is that simple, or if age has affected the value at all. So, if anyone here has an idea of it's potential value, I would be grateful if you would let me know. I hope I've posted this in the right place.

Thank you

Droids wanted

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Looking for omnibot 2000, omnibot, maxx steele and the radio shack knock-offs of droids like this. Also looking for Comro "Bumpy" and others like this.

I need em for stage-props for my concerts.  email me, rus.stewart(NOSPAM!)at gmail dot com.

i have a homebrew stage prop droid (that i call Elektrodroid look it up on my myspace pix, one photo is up on my profile here) that i use for this, but it is only remote controlled, i need something programmeable, and at least radio controllable, to go with it, i need like three more droids to complete the team.

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Hello everyone!

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