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I have an Omnibot 2000, fully complete (minus the charger), but I just installed a new battery I bought online and my old buddy lights up perfectly.  You can hear the gears powering up, etc.  However, even though the remote lights up, I can't get the darn thing to do respond.I feel like there's some sort of interference with the ultrasonics because even though the bot powers up like it always has, it's not responsive.  I have had it since I was a kid and was its original owner, and when I put it away, I made sure and took out the old battery, so inside it's perfectly clean.

FS 10 different robosapiens and 6 white robosapiens

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the ten different include red blue green metallics, spidersapien,clear, glow in the dark, chrome, silver  all black, white. some have matching remotes and mini robosapiens . i have a sticker sheet and new glow in the dark puzzle. $250 for the whole pile. i will not separate. pick up only here in S.E. MA. the 6 whites i will ship here in the U.S.and seaprate for $30 each shipped or make me an offer on all 6.

Robots for sale

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Hello,First time on this site.I have recently aqured a large collection of robots that I am interested in selling.Several are large and I am selling them for parts or repair.One of them is a large Maxx Steel robot I have listed on Ebay item # 171737087521and some I would like to sell direct.I have 2 heath kit hero jrs, an omnibot 2000 and many small robots some with original boxes.also have spec manuals parts and cartridges for the heathkit robots.If any interest please contact me attoadholefarm@centurylink.netThanks and have a nice day. 

RS media for sale

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I have a working rs media robot for sale.  Robot only no remote.  It seems to work well with the functions I can do on the robot, without remote.  I am not sure what it is a fair price so any help for forum members would help.   

Omnibot 2000

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I have an Omnibot 2000 for sale. the motorized arm is limp and i am missing the tray and home base other than that it works just needs some TLC. I dont know the value on this and want it to go to someone with a passion for these things. If anyone could help me locate a buyer i would appreciate it very much. The best way to contact me is through my email thanks everyone.

Selling my neglected and abused collection

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Hello again robocomunity,   I'm selling all the parts and bots I have left from my early teens,including     x2 RS V2 as is with wrie decay ( Also a third for parting out )   $30    x1 Unfinished RS V1 - RoboQuad Hybrid as is   $30  ( have the spare parts for both bots willing to part out )    x1 RoboRaptor working order along with another one for parting out.   $20   x1 RoboReptile needs work but includes a green RoboTyrannus's remains for spares.   $15    x1 RoboPanda good condition.  $60    x1Tribot used and handful of times, (unmodified, remote missing battery cover.