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Selling my neglected and abused collection

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Hello again robocomunity,   I'm selling all the parts and bots I have left from my early teens,including     x2 RS V2 as is with wrie decay ( Also a third for parting out )   $30    x1 Unfinished RS V1 - RoboQuad Hybrid as is   $30  ( have the spare parts for both bots willing to part out )    x1 RoboRaptor working order along with another one for parting out.   $20   x1 RoboReptile needs work but includes a green RoboTyrannus's remains for spares.   $15    x1 RoboPanda good condition.  $60    x1Tribot used and handful of times, (unmodified, remote missing battery cover.

Wowwee roboscooper for sale and robosapien v2 and v1

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For sale are three wowwee robots and one bluetooth controlled robot called i-droid. I can provide pictures of each.Here is some info:Roboscooper- great condition boxed and complete with all stckers and manuals.Robosapien V2 - incomplete doesnt have ball or skittles. Has been repaired.Robosapien V1 - mint and complete in box. perfect working condition.I-droid - mint and complete in box and in perfect working order.  

i-Cybie for sale

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I have an i-Cybie, almost completely unused. It has been sitting in its original box for nigh on a decade. However upon startup it seems to have problems; after researching common issues I think it's just got a broken leg gear. Otherwise it's like new. Anyone interested, reply or message me. Thanks.

PS. With regard to shipping costs- I'm in Los Angeles.