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i-Cybie for sale

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I have an i-Cybie, almost completely unused. It has been sitting in its original box for nigh on a decade. However upon startup it seems to have problems; after researching common issues I think it's just got a broken leg gear. Otherwise it's like new. Anyone interested, reply or message me. Thanks.

PS. With regard to shipping costs- I'm in Los Angeles.

Should I buy a zoomer

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So i saw zoomer liked it but should i get one or shall i wait for dino to come out

I want to trade though  a RS v2 for a Zoomer.


  (No Sound) Tell me if i should get it fixed or

you can do it

Non Modded

Works Fine


No Wire Ware

Working Tilt Sensor

Remote included (All Buttons Work)


TOPO robot for sale.

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I am not sure if you are familiar with a little company called Atari. Their founder Nolan Bushnell started a company called Androbot that made some of the first consumer robots in the world.

These are very hard to find however there is one for sale on (search for topo robot).

The listing has links to websites that have more information on him,