Robosapien X

Programming Robosapien

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Hey guys!I'm a programmer, and i'm searching for a robot like Robosapien or anything like it (little humanoid or animal-like, with an option to program it by myself somehow. Is there an option to do it in Robosapien somehow? or is there another similar open source robot you know? Thanks:)Orit    

Robosapien X vs Robosapien Blue (differences?)

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Hi all:Please forgive me if this have been asked before; but neither google search or forum search, tweeter question gave me a clear answer.What are the differences between Robosapien X and Robosapien Blue? As far I have  read the wowee site; they have 63 movements and the difference is the bluetooh enabled of Robosapien Blue. But manuals can't confirm that (I only find robosapien X manuals).

Infrared dongle

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Just recently purchased Robosapien X for my son for Christmas and robot works perfectly fine with remote control.  What led us to this purchase though is the fact that he can operate with my son's iPod as well.  I've tried to operate the robot with the infrared dongle however it doesn't appear to work.  Are the lights of the eyes on the dongle suppose to light up?  I thought the batteries were bad and even changed.  Still no luck.  Am I missing something or is the infrared dongle bad and can it be replaced without replacing the whole robot as again it's fine.

Robosapien X Dongle

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Has anyone else had trouble getting the dongle and the app to work with RoboSapien X?  Bought it for my son this Christmas, downloaded the app on an iPhone and 2 different driods, plugged the dongle in the earphone jack, upped the volume and nothing.  No lights come on on the dongle, the app registers my button presses, but nothing happens.  There were batteries already in the dongle, I just had to remove the plastic piece.Thanks