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Controlling multiple MiP robots using the Android SDK

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Hello,It there a way I find some documentation or an example on controlling multiple MiP robots using the Android SDK published on Github ?I work for Accenture Labs, I am exploring Human Robotic behavior modeling, where I am using MiP and RoboMe to emulate some of these behaviors. I am trying to extend the Android SDK to enable me control multiple MiP robots simultaneously. I tried modifying the sample code to connect to multiple MiP robots, but the logic seems only work for a single MiP. Any hints, pointers are highly appreciated :) !!Thanks,Omar

MiP Robot app crashes

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We are new to the WowWee robo community. But a little despaired that after we purchased the MiP robot from Toy's r Us and gifting it to child, we discovered there is no way to utilize the remote/app functions (iPhone or iPad devices, doesn't matter), due evidently to a new app update that is causing the app to crash the second after it loads every time. In the last week alone (week of Christmas), there appears to be only 1 star reviews, dozens, all complaining about this app crashing issue...