Review of WowWee's Femisapien Robot

Look out Robosapien, there's a new girl in town...  And she's got the moves!  Of course, I'm talking about the Femisapien, the latest of the bi-pedal humanoid walking robots from WowWee.

Powering Femisapien:

Femisapien is powered by 6x AA batteries (3 in each foot).  You'll need a Philips screwdriver to install them.

It's nice that she only requires 6x AA batteries.  Usually, WowWee robots require C or D size batteries plus AA or AAA for the remote.  Femisapien's economical!

Femisapien's 3 Modes:

Like several WowWee robots, Femisapien comes packing different modes which hold different functions.

Attentive Mode - Tilt Femisapien's head up to put her in Attentive Mode.  This is Femisapien's most interactive and intriguing mode, if you ask me.  She will pose, sing, chat, present, walk, kiss, slow dance, wander, and guard in this mode!  That's A LOT of functionality!  I made a few videos demonstrating some of the functions found in this mode.  Check them out below:

Dance with Me


Walk with Me

Back-Up Dancer and Singer

Responsive Mode - Tilt Femisapien's head so she is looking straight ahead to enter Responsive Mode.  This is Femisapien's basic walking mode.  Based upon how you press her hands, she will walk forward, backward, in a circle etc.  She can also perform a few comedy routines.  Below is a video of Femisapien performing her "Beep" Routine:

Learning Mode - Tilt Femisapien's head down to enter Learning Mode.  This is her programming mode.  She can learn a routine of up to 80 steps which she will play back for you.  To program Femisapien, simply move her body one step at a time.  After each step, wait for a "beep."  This signals that Femisapien has remembered the step.  Once you are finished, wait a few seconds and she will play back the entire routine!  This routine can also be accessed via a hand gesture, which we will get to a little later.  Check out the demo video below:

Learning Mode Demo

Controlling Femisapien:

Femisapien has got to be the most unique WowWee robot in terms of control.  She has no remote, which is a first for WowWee.  Instead, Femisapien is controlled using her 4 point joystick hands, and by making "hand gestures" in front of her.  This control method was a little strange at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very intuitive.  

4 Point Joystick Hands - Both of Femisapien's hands are joysticks that point 4 ways.  Depending on her current mode (Attentive, Responsive, or Learning) she will perform a variety of functions and tricks based upon the way you manipulate her hands.  This method of control can be seen in any of the videos above.


Hand Gestures - A hand "gesture" simply means you are triggering Femisapien's IR sensor.  Triggering the sensor anywhere from 1 to 5 times will make Femisapien perform a specific action.  Below is a video outlining the gesture control method:

If you ever want to stop Femisapien in the middle of a routine, simply press down on her head.

Femisapien's Sensors:

IR - Femisapien has 1 IR sensor in her head which allows her to detect objects at her neck level.[[ad]]

Tilt - Femisapien knows when she has fallen over.  She will "ask" for help in her emotish language.  If none is recieved, she will go to sleep.

Sound - Femisapien has a mic built into her chest which will detect music and other noises up to about 3 feet away.

There are no touch sensors on Femisapien unless you include her head and hands which make her perform certain actions based on how they are manipulated.


After fully exploring what the WowWee Femisapien can do, it is easy to be impressed.  She is probably the most agile and fluid of all the WowWee robots to date.  She is limited in where she can walk (only put her on hard surfaces, or very low pile carpets.)  Also, be mindful of her walking when on table tops, as she does not have any edge detection and could walk off the side.  Her hands-on approach to control will appeal to people that either hate remotes or just love to use their hands to shape or mold things.  Remembering all of the various joystick controls could prove difficult, even for an adult user, but that's why we have a manual.  Besides, exploring her functions by making up joystick combos is half the fun of playing with Femisapien!  I hope WowWee gives some thought to creating a FSV2!  More sensors would be one example of a great addition to this awesome robot!


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Glad you like it crmfghtr!

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I ordered her! I can't wait! thanks for the review & movies.

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I got a dead Femisapian from ebay and had no trouble fixing a broken wire coming from one of her feet to her electronics.
She works very well now.