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Sightings for September 4

Robosapien: Robosapien is mentioned briefly in an article that ran in two editions of the Daily Herald, a local paper in Arlington Heights, IL. The article is regarding upcoming toy movies produced by Avi Arad. Robosapien is mentioned as a prospective project along with Bratz.

Alive Elvis: The Anchorage Daily News picked up the New York Times’ "Digital Living" article in which Alive Elvis is reviewed positively along with a new Xbox 360 keyboard and a Logitech backpack.

Sightings for August 27

  • FlyTech Dragonfly: In the Roanoke Times (VA), kids rated nine different hot summer toys, including the FlyTech Dragonfly. Dragonfly received a number of A's for "Awesome". The article mentioned the product is “pretty cool” but intended only for solo play.

August 9 Sightings

In today’s scan for WowWee coverage, Crunch Gear and Gadgetmadness provide positive reviews of Roboquad and Roboboa respectively.

CBC News in Canada examines why robots aren’t fixing dinner, folding laundry and cleaning windows with quotes from Art Janis, VP of WowWee, and Robosapien and Robopanda mentions.