Robot Buyers & Sellers


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hey everyone, i'm new here but im looking for i-cybie stuff.. wondered if anyone had anything theyd be willing to sell, i'm looking for extra parts, the black body kit a walk up charger the downloader.. basically anything really.. including if you're sellung yiur i-cybie.  thanks.. i really hope someone has some stuff available.

Omnibot 2000 with Box and Remote for Sale

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I have an Omnibot 2000 with box and remote for sale. Bought from an estate sale and the previous owner swears up and down it functions but I havent  tested it so I cant guarantee anything. Nothing seems to be broken or missing physically on the bot but the remote does have some lightly cordoded battery terminals and is missing one of themEntertaining offers. Having trouble uploading pictures here so email me at if youre interested. Thanks Alot-Noah

Wowwee Beastland Dragons?

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We have two wowwee hasbro beastland dragons from 2002, and we don't know how much they are worth. We have everything, including both the blue and yellow (Orange/Gold, whatever colour it is) dragons that interact with each other.  There are no listings on ebay for them apart from our own, and we haven't found any of them selling online.  From what we have seen, these seem to be extremely rare according to some webpages.Would anyone happen to know how much they are worth? 

I-Cybie Repair

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I-Cybie Repair Service I am offering a repair service of the I-Cybie robotic dog. I do have spare parts and in most cases won't charge extra for them. If you choose our service you will ( If wanted ) recieve updates on how your I-Cybie is doing, and how long it may take to finish. Test videos can be sent during and after the repair. I can repair the I-Cybie leg issue that caught many of the I-Cybies and eventually led to them being discontinued. I can also replace almost any of the parts, including servos that would cause him to be sluggish and sometimes trip.