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I-Cybie Repair

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I-Cybie Repair Service I am offering a repair service of the I-Cybie robotic dog. I do have spare parts and in most cases won't charge extra for them. If you choose our service you will ( If wanted ) recieve updates on how your I-Cybie is doing, and how long it may take to finish. Test videos can be sent during and after the repair. I can repair the I-Cybie leg issue that caught many of the I-Cybies and eventually led to them being discontinued. I can also replace almost any of the parts, including servos that would cause him to be sluggish and sometimes trip.

Found a Wowwee Roboboa Prototype of 2006

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I recently bought a Wowwee Roboboa in a Salvation Army. I had no idea what I was buying. Just found it look cool. And also saw the hand writtings " prototype no.6" (white light). Dated 12/06 with Mark Tilden initials. No remote, missing the batt cover. But this model has a headphone jack. I sent an email to wowwee and the employee told me she would make an investigation. It works but without a remote I cannot test it further. Does anyone have an idea of the value it may have? Im not a robot person so I will surely sell it. Thanks

Augmented reality to control robots

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Hi everyone, I am the co-founder of a *very* early stage start up looking to use VR gloves and headsets to control remote robots. We're exploring the possible use cases for this, like paying people to do your household chores, helping elderly people, working in hazardous environments, or even just as a cool technology that people would get involved with helping us with.


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I have an Omnibot 2000, fully complete (minus the charger), but I just installed a new battery I bought online and my old buddy lights up perfectly.  You can hear the gears powering up, etc.  However, even though the remote lights up, I can't get the darn thing to do respond.I feel like there's some sort of interference with the ultrasonics because even though the bot powers up like it always has, it's not responsive.  I have had it since I was a kid and was its original owner, and when I put it away, I made sure and took out the old battery, so inside it's perfectly clean.