The Robot That Thinks Its a Cell Phone.

Its like a Digi Pet yet its your phone.  Well not really a Digi Pet but Sharp has made the first smartphone that also operates as a small robot.  RoboHan, although not sold in the U.S. yet, looks pretty amazing.  Now I want to add that holding a miniature robot to your head just looks stupid but who is to say that his thing couldn’t just serve as a home communication device.  Much like our old landlines.   From the promotional video I found some really interesting aspects of RoboHan that I am not sure how to feel about.  Further more, I am not even certain that these functionalities even exist.  Such as allowing your RoboHan to sit on a table and talk to your guest while taking pictures.  I just personally want to see the thing dance. This all kind of reminds me of Spike Jonze’s 2013 film “Her” where Joaquin Phoenix’s phone has personality traits of a living person.  What do you guys think about the is robo phone?