It's On Like Donkey Kong!

The Robert Zemeckis film series Back to The Future gave a many theater goers a look as to what the world would be like in 2015.  Looking back at the films and comparing what we have access to as consumers is really interesting.  Nike has patented and designed automatic shoelaces, handless video games have been available for some time now, video conferencing is now a daily activity for many business and families, and the over all personal consumption of electronics seems to be truer than ever.  Which brings up an interesting question, is Hollywood predicting the future?


While Back to the Future Part II was being released, another more iconic movie titled Robo Joxs was being created and was release one year later.  The movie, which has become a nostalgic relic among millennials has also seemed to predict the future.


Within the next year the United States and Japan will battle large scale robots for the honor and title of robot supremacy.  In a formal challenge, Magabots Inc. based out of Oakland Ca. has called out Suidobashi Heavy Industries and their Kuratas.


While we hope that this type of robotic confrontation is something of entertainment and not need to survival we can only guess and wait for next year.  For more information about this up coming event check out the link below.