Decoded/Decompiled Wowwee Robot Commands

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Decoded/Decompiled Wowwee Robot Commands

Based on this lovely YouTube video ( I was able to get the source code for my CHiP robot dog app. I have all the raw files for the app, including all the commands that are under the folder bluetoothrobotcontrollib. Since I really am not that good at programming, is there a way I can run these commands by pairing my CHiP (or other wowwee) bot to my computer and then play various sound and movement files? Let me know if any of you have done this or would know how. I think it could become a fun project and I will provide screenshots of the JAVA files if needed. 

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Hi Enfari, Thanks for the information. This allowed me to extract the sources myself.Did you have any new developments in your project? (could you connect to the robot programmatically?)thanks