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tome said: Here are some photos of the insides of Rovio....  The base: The front section of base showing two wheel motors and mount for (lame) LED headlight and collision avoidance: The underside of the top plate showing LEDs and motor for raising camera boom: The controller board: The power section board: Another view of the whole base: The underside of the IC board that all the LEDs are wired to: Another view of the underside of the top plate showing the boom motor:


I get the feeling that your/this Thread could become vital in the future development of Rovio itself. Together the Rovio community seems to have amassed just about everything there is to allow hardware and software development/hacking of this cool little robot. There is however a bit of a gap regarding the base station and beacon despite this excellent report by Peter Redmer and hack by Thingverse or DIY beacon by ScribbleJ. There is also a brilliant thread (Inside Rovio) by tome. It would therefore be particularly advantageous for us all to co-ordinate our online community to take Rovio forward now that the manufacturers have backed out.

Any ideas or propositions here would be much appreciated. For instance could we bring together a development team which is funded by everyone in some way rather than highly knowledgeable individuals making a quick buck with bespoke software (roviocommander etc)?

The crux of this post is community co-ordination so any ideas or proposals are very much appreciated.


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If anyone has an old and broken rovio they want to get rid of, I need one. 

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I am new to this and I have a Rovio but since my computer that had xp died I haven’t been able to use my Rovio can  someone help me or direct me to a software that i can use with windows 10. Or iOS iPad