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Ideas for a robot

Wat do you think are the next robot?


If you want to you can draw pictures and send them

Chris 22
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Sorry but my drawing ability is very bad. I hope a bigger than the V2 and voice-controlled.


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Hey chris,your signature is from a sci-fic movie right?That alien says it.Or its from goosebumps.

Chris 22
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Yes you are right. It is from the movie "The day the earth stood still" (1951).

You have a nice Robot collection. ;o)

Randall Lim
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I guess an IDEAL robot (in theory) would be one which has :

1) detailed facial movements & expressions,

2) all the 5 senses of hearing, sight, touch, even taste & smell (to an excellent level of sensitivity),

3) a speaking & singing voice,

4) excellent agility & flexibility of every part of its anatomy (with good speed & strength control),

5) the ability to process all information from its senses to learn all about its  environment & make intellectual decisions to act accordingly.

I guess such a robot is only a fantasy right now, though there have been many Hi-Tech, advanced & sophiscated robots developed by our industry professionals worldwide that come close.

Such robots will definitely cost a HUGH BOMB, hardly available to the common man on the street.

Much less on the shelves of toy stores like Toys R Us (where I got all my wowwee robots from).


Randall Lim
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I have another idea for improvement of wowwee robots.

Wouldn't it be great if every wowwee robot (especially the robosapien v1) had a USB access for programming (like the Robodance programming) from PCs, instead of merely through Infra-red connectivity??

Not every PC, Lap-top or Netbook comes with an in-built IR port. Furthermore, only certain brand models of external IR adaptors are compatible for Rododance programming (otherwise Robodance programming software will never be able to detect any other external IR adaptor).

Therefore, a direct USB connection between robot & computer would be most convenient.


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The next Rovio should have the same articulated tread system as the iRobot Packbot, so that it can climb stairs in the same manner. Something like this:

The Omnidrive wheels are neat, but slower and clumsier than treads would be (Spykee is much faster and a joy to drive by comparison) so articulated treads are the way to go. It should also have a simpler pivoting camera, not the elaborate 'neck' system on the Rovio at present. Being able to lift the camera slightly isn't as useful as being able to freely choose any angle for the camera.

Some kind of simple motorized gripping claw would make a lot of sense. Only one axis of rotation necessary (X-axis, for lifting/flipping objects) and it'd hypothetically let the robot fetch canned drinks, the TV remote and other small objects.

The neat extras in RovioWrap ought to become standard features. If it's already wifi connected, then why not have it be able to read you news feeds, stock prices and local weather when you ask it to via voice command? Internet radio would also be a neat feature and not too costly to add that capability given that the Rovio already has what is basically a tiny webserver in it.

The XV-11 robot vacuum from Neato Robotics will have a very good, low cost laser rangefinder in it ($30!) that allows it to navigate very precisely and vacuum a room in rows, the way people do, rather than in the random fashion that a roomba does it. This rangefinder would go a long way towards making Rovio's pathfinding work properly, and if it could patrol autonomously it would be valuable as a security robot. When it detects unexpected loud noises or motion while on patrol, it would turn towards the source, and take several photographs which would then be emailed to you.

Also, add a night vision camera. For god's sake. They have working night vision goggles for children these days, sold at the price of a toy. Don't tell me they couldn't put a decent IR camera in the next Rovio, and it would totally obviate the need for bright LED headlights.

IR support is also a no brainer as it would enable your Rovio 2 to command your Wowee robots remotely, as well as any appliances that make use of IR, like your television/DVD player/etc. Bluetooth support would be more costly to add, but with optional bluetooth passthroughs for your appliances (plug appliance into passthrough, then passthrough into the wall) you could command just about anything in your home through your robot.

Other optional addons:

Aside from the bluetooth passthroughs, what about a 3G radio addon so you could take your Rovio 2 outside if you felt like it? What about a snap-on solar panel that would extend its outdoor range? Replacement treads better suited to dirt and gravel? We like to upgrade our robots, Wowee, and by selling these as extras rather than standard features you keep the robot's price down while still being able to advertise them as selling points.

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Hey chris,your signature is from a sci-fic movie right?That alien says it.Or its from goosebumps.regards:it consulting and staffing