How To Remove Femi Head Mechanism Completely?? And I do mean Completely

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How To Remove Femi Head Mechanism Completely?? And I do mean Completely

I have removed Femi's head, faceplate, jaw, etc.

Now there is a black mechanism inside that is affixed by a rivet to the neck post.

I need to remove this so that I can slide her actual "neck" up and off her 'shoulders' so that I can complete the removal of the back plate which covers her gears.

I cannot figure out how to release that rivet.

Any suggestions?

Shai Alyt NEMO
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Sorry, I cannot help here. I had never disassembled my Femi so deep.

BTW, how you managed to remove her "jaw" witout damaging that violet "ears", that, as I understand, are glued and covering a screws, that hold a "jaw" in place?

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The rivets are very hard to remove. You need to first grab hold of the outer rivet rim and twist them to loosen them up. If you have a pair of gas pliers which are used to loosen stripped screws, you can grab a hold of the head and twist and pull the rivet out. you should not need to remove the back of the gear box to repair your Femi. The VR's are the only thing you need to correct this problem. The gears in the back really have no alignment that needs to be done except for the waist cam and you can realign this buy just removing the screws to the back gearbox but be careful not to pop out the head cam.


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I pried those 'ears' and damaged each a little along the edge.


Yes, ok. Back to my original thread for my reply. thanks