Roborator Controls Femisapien!!

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Randall Lim
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Roborator Controls Femisapien!!

Hi all!

Just a new personal discovery while experimenting the interacts between Femisapien & Roboraptor.

Not sure if this is already a well-known fact, but to me it is a personal discovery.

With Roboraptor switched ON in any mode (Hurt, Play, Guard, Cautious or Roam),

Femisapien will always respond with her dance routine. If she is standing too close to it,

she will first walk away in avoidance before starting her dance routine!

No other responses from her was observed with different Roboraptor modes.


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Interesting, Yet my femi is currently ripped down to every screw and in many bags. I have never had her running on her own but may one day when I get all the information I can get from her and then retire her to the shelf.


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hi all,has anyone seen this one